Pre-2015 Work (instagram)

Self Flies to Scorpio Lizard King Sketch Jackalope and Poem The Edge of the World - Sketch Bird Anxiety Rabbit Concept - Heart Detail Anxiety Rabbit Concept Unfinished - Crow and Snake Flower 2 2014-08-21 Flower 2014-08-21 Snake Lady Cosmos Salamander and Poem The Matt Smith Neu Jazz Trio - Ink San Diego Sea Port Village - Ink San Diego and Tijuana Amanda Palmer - sketch Amanda Palmer San Diego - 4th street Uni-cyclist Playing their Unicycle Dulce Muse Sketch ??? Key Giant Muse Sketch Leo Muse Sketch Fermata Muse Sketch Piccalo Muse Sketch Five Fairy Muses Sketch Monster Bear-Bear Sketch Griffin Sketch Red-Eye Bird Monster Variant Sera Sketch Raphael Sketch Bassist Sketch Finished - Sera In Progress - Sera Sera - Thumbnail Sera - Sketch Soundwaves Finished - Manifest Destiny In Progress - Manifest Destiny 4 In Progress - Manifest Destiny 3 Manifest Destiny - Sketch/Thumbnail In Progress - Manifest Destiny 2 In Progress - Manifest Destiny Yelling Bird Sketch More Airships Sketch Airships Sketch Fermata Sketch Bran Sketch Muta Sketch Music Mouse Eleven Stained Glass Unfinished - Door to Riota


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