I’ve been taking time this week to calm the fuck down- and also focus on things I feel are personally important. I’m doing college again, and I’m in love with mathematics. Growing up, I’ve always internally carried interests with a delicate balance of obsession. I understand that a ‘euphoric, sense of mania’ might be problematic, it has gotten in the way in the past. I learned to cope with it, and utilize it as a tool.

All focus, hyperextended to mathematics.

It’s good then, that I decided to do college again at this time; I’ve been funneling my anxiety, depression, and PTSD in creative, mathematical studies, the best I am able. I have a supportive, physical social environment, and space to breathe and ‘heal’.

The next few weeks I’m going to be physically occupied with studies, travel, and an art event in San Jose. I have no idea how I’m juggling anything right now, but I am.

Thanks for reading,



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