Patreon Policies

((Backstory: I had been in and out of the main Patreon office in San Francisco earlier this year))
It dawned on me this morning, that I noticed physical subtleties before and after they changed their logo- before they were bought/((changed logo))- the company had more black folks and openly queer folks working in the main office.
The office also had a vore joke by the snacks in the kitchen. I took a picture I think- idk where it is now- but after the change, there were more hyper-normie techies in the office.
Also the vore joke were taken down. – Personally, the bullshit they’ve been doing to queer folks recently with the “adult content” stuff is ::shrugs::– I’m numb at this point. I’ll fight back because I know being queer means this is my life, that I’m invisible and my existence is “political”. (Fuck you.)
But, it took me moving across the country- not speaking to my mom for 6 months- and then slowly speaking to her again over the course of nearly four years-
-to “win” my mom as a fan, as a patron.
She actually supports my queerness and art now.
She donates to my Patreon.
She doesn’t know how to use tech, and she FUCKING figured out how to donate to my Patreon!!!
After all the fighting and *phobia for years- she’s actively supporting my art, and went out of her way to figure out the this shitty platform. We have a healthier relationship! We actually talk on the phone!
So, how-
Charge my mother for supporting me.
How fucking dare you.
TL;DR: I’m moving support, and donations to Librepay. I’ll be leaving my Pat up until the end of the month- to keep this blog post posted to redirect folks.

Have a nice December >:3c


P.S. @ Patreon, maybe y’all’s business should go back to focusing on your consumers and clients first, instead of your precious damn Investors. ((Or Twitter intergration. Fuck you.))


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