Racing Around

For the past two weeks, I’ve been running around the Portland area busking looking for Ken Kesey poems, applying to college, and applying for food stamps. I’m now in college (again), working on financial aid stuff (again), have food stamps (I can buy milk and butter now!!)- and I found “Demon Box” by Ken Kesey at the library. It’s been very productive.

I needed the poetry for a reading on Thursday (10/19)- and had the damnest time trying to find resources and information online. Ain’t that the dangedest thing? I had to actually /go/ to the library and do my research on Ken Kesey. So at this point in time, the world wide web has reached an impasse in regards to information, and how it is transferred. I’ll save this specific gripe for a later blog post.

Instead, I need to focus on schooling, social aid, inclusiveness, and queerness. The other week had been coming out day, so here’s is me coming out again: I identify as a man, I identify as non-binary, I am pan/demisexual, I am queer.

TL;DR: Crow is queer.

I got a capo in the mail from Bender, so now I can change keys again on the ukulele. I can just barre chord, but who really cares anyway? Hehehe- some good poems came out earlier this week. They’re good for comic style illustrations!

I don’t have any other projects coming up though, except for my usual rotation of sketching and writing.



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