Hello folks!

I started busking again, and quickly found out that I needed to learn more music. So after my break this Sunday, I started practicing more songs; someone suggested “You and I” at the Saturday market- I know that song, but I can’t hit the high notes.

To be in the spirit of the season (Halloween)- I’ll be passing out DIY spells to folks, and dressing up when I busk.

I’m also working a series of mini-comics, if you follow my Patreon you will be getting detailed updates on the comics.

I talked to my mom on the phone the other day, and I vented about my issues coping with anxiety. She told me that she watches the sunset every day. She watches the sunset, just so she can experience the beauty of the moment, of the end of the day.

“When the sun sets, I let my heart break from the beauty of the moment. I give myself that space to be venerable with myself- so I can come to my true self.”

She understands the medical help I need with my anxiety- but those little things help me cope with it. I try breathing, and being in the moment as I can- as she is with her sunset.



P.S. I’ll have busking stories again soon, probably.


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