Crow Actually Blogs

Hello folks!

I feel guilty I haven’t updated Crow Blogs or The Fish Crow for a while. Especially Crow Blogs; at this point I don’t know what to do with Crow Blogs. I have a lot of material in private to hash out for it- and I have a few published entries that could really use illustrations/comics. For now, I have to put the comic on indefinite hiatus- but not forgotten.

Crow Blogs was created out of a series of poems I performed at open-mics in San Diego. I feel that the experience helped jump start my creativity. I cannot abandon Crow Blogs until I feel it’s sufficient in chronicling “Crow” the poet and sci-fi writer.

I’m updating The Fish Crow, with personal musings to keep in touch with folks from other social media. Since I deleted my main stream social media accounts… I also need to update The Fish Crow’s ownership, as well as the Mastodon Instance List needs to be moved to Github.

In time though.

With Crow Blogs’ hiatus, I feel I can work on,, and crow.streams. My plan is to work on shorter slice of life comics- rather than long form narrative ‘Alice in Wonderland’ type webcomics. I remember very little HTML and the process of placing webpages, so it’ll be a while before I have anything up on those sites. (I’m considering to be a page for twines- I’m sitting on these domains- so I should do something fun ye?) Bookmark those sites, and check back here for updates.

For me, and my physicality? I am in Portland and I’m doin’ ok. I’m sending out resumes, for part-time work. Working full-time in San Francisco kicked my teeth in, and after stepping away from Frisco- my chronic illnesses flared- and I ended up having to force myself to take a 3 week break when I first got to Portland for my health. I’m lucky that I found a commune in the outskirts of Portland where I can heal.

I’ve started doing the thing I did in San Diego, loitering in a coffee-shop and do art. I typed the outline of this blog post on an “old” word processor in a cafe in downtown “Trolley Town”. (I’m still gonna fabelize things from time to time 😀 )

neo alpha
High-Tech Typewriter

Expect a weekly post from me, since I realize there’s no Facebook for me to post updates to anymore x’D

I got some short stories from Riota and Ganold I’d love to share but- ya know. I’m not gonna publish it for a while. Like the websites.


(Marla, March, Lauren)


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