Mastodon Instance Content List

I’ve tried being as objective in my observations as I’m able, and subjective undertones should be taken lightly-

I am not affiliated with the main Mastodon developer, and as a “tooter” of the community of Mastodon- I volunteered my personal time to compile a partial list for the broader community’s safety, and use:
-fine art, advertisement, political toots, a lot of french
-content warning use, puns, some infosec folks
-technical activism, puns, veganism folks
-shibe inu pictures, minecraft conversations, light atmosphere
-street art talk, political commentary, tech talk, activist atmosphere, francophones

-political content, variant uses of cw

-infosec, cyptocurrency bots allowed, political content, francophones

-sports, tech talk, light humor, cute, community run server, content warning tags differ
-cat pics, video games, content warning use, sports, IT folk, francophone
-casual personal toots, content warning use, tech talk
-political content not tagged, photography, sports, nerd
-lgbt, sfw, furry friendly

-francaphone, photography, political, no cw
-quotes, coding, french, friendly

-art, content warning use, political (untagged for an art instance)

-content warning not used, political

-political, memeing, photography
-tech talk, content warning use, professional-like, educational uplifting toots
-tech news, tech talk, content warning use, language courtesy

-techinical talk (coding, privacy), light comedy
-memes, light atmosphere

-content warnings not used, brand memes, nerd talk, (filpino and french languages)

-content warnings unused, political, tech talk, venting
-tech talk, dev mentions, community atmosphere, a few advert bots

-light hearted content, content warnings not used, political content

-quieter/smaller instance, “The French Mastodon, IT, Gaming and Hosting!”

-tech talk, dog pictures, pheonix area devs

-follow bot, tech talk, dev content
-content warning use, personable conversational atmosphere, “A mastodon instance for cats and the people
that love them. In that spirit we are a home for building a radically inclusive mastodon instance.”
-content warning use, community atmosphere, art, political content, memes

-computers, art, gaming, socicoeconomic content, content warning use

-political content, content warnings used, new age content (technomancy), anarcho and queer content, francophone



*Marked instances I found may contain potentially unsafe content for marginalized or sensitive folks.


Contact me if there is any information that should be updated, or changed for clarity.

Thank you! – Crow



    • nice! thank you for the feedback- cybre and witch town are in my queue-

      Currently I can’t view icosahedron as registration has been closed.

      I will get to them as soon as I can.


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