Pre-2015 Traditional Work

The Matt Smith Neu Jazz Trio - Juice Box

Unfinished - Door to Riota

Self Flies to Scorpio

Music Mouse

Muta Sketch

Bran Sketch

Fermata Sketch

Airships Sketch

More Airships Sketch

Yelling Bird Sketch

Bassist Sketch

Raphael Sketch

Monster Variant Sera Sketch

Red-Eye Bird

Griffin Sketch

Monster Bear-Bear Sketch

Five Fairy Muses Sketch

Piccalo Muse Sketch

Fermata Muse Sketch

Leo Muse Sketch

??? Key Giant Muse Sketch

Dulce Muse Sketch

Uni-cyclist Playing their Unicycle

San Diego - 4th street

Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer - sketch

San Diego and Tijuana

San Diego Sea Port Village - Ink

The Matt Smith Neu Jazz Trio - Ink

Salamander and Poem

Lady Cosmos


Flower 2014-08-21

Flower 2 2014-08-21

Unfinished - Crow and Snake

Anxiety Rabbit Concept

Anxiety Rabbit Concept - Heart Detail


The Edge of the World - Sketch

Jackalope and Poem

Lizard King Sketch


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